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Everybody calls me Grandaddy because I always try to lead people in the right direction with wisdom, knowledge and over standing; in effort to keep my people from themselves with bad decisions. However I broke the name down to Gramz for the mir fact that l came from the bottom and have always hustled to get to where I wanted to be. I added Dahustla to the end because I am the epitome of hustling and I get mines from the mud.

Munie Gramz is a spin off from that, as well, because I hustled to count money like grams. I was drawn at a young age by my passion for music. I began writing and recording during my tenure at Tennessee State University where I earned a Bachelor's in Business and a Master's degree Education. I am an overall fan of many genres of music, but I am truly a hip hop baby. I grew up listening to 8Ball and MJG, E-40, SCARFACE, etc. All in all, I'm deeply rooted in the South; however I just love good music from blues to jazz to rock-n- roll. My first project which is called "Highly Favored"; by the way is streaming on all the music media platform such as iTunes, Rhapsody, and Spotify was a project produced with several live instruments from some of the top musicians in the world such as Tony Sarno and Pino Squillace giving it an original and organic flavor.

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